When I began this space in February 2010, a community of like-minded pilgrims who believe in the transforming power of love and seek to live in its embodiment for a better world began to gather here. Eventually, to them, I posed a question:

What do people traveling the journey toward nonviolence believe? What would we embrace as the bedrock foundation of our beliefs?

We created a rather fine list of core beliefs, which came to be called the “JTN Manifesto.” Together, we asserted that we are about . . .

While those walking this path could never promise to embody these ideals perfectly, these are the ideals toward which we direct our days. (And if I were to add anything extra to this list, it would be the need for divine assistance to accomplish any of it!)

By following each the links in the above list, you can learn more about what these commitments mean and the dialogue that was shared about each one. I hope you’ll join me — and the rest of the community that gathers here — in being a proponent of peace, love, grace, and nonviolence shed abroad in this world, just one person doing your part, just like the rest of us are.