Hello, and welcome.

When I first began this space in February 2010, it was intended for a tribe — a place for like-minded sojourners to gather together and share together the journey of peace. We wrote a manifesto that to this day serves as a touchpoint for me on what the journey toward nonviolence is all about.

More and more, though, I feel less tribal leader and more questioning and wandering pilgrim now. I am still a person devoted to this journey — to understanding it and living out my understanding. But rather than lead a tribe, I’m just here to think out loud on what this journey means.

This is where I chronicle my steps deeper into it. This is where I ask my questions, voice my struggles, articulate my faith, and assert my convictions around the central theme of what it means to become a person of love shed abroad in this world.

This won’t be a neat and tidy journey. (Then again, most journeys worth traveling rarely are, right?) I don’t set myself up as an authority or expert on the subject of nonviolence by any stretch. I’m just one girl who can’t stop reading, thinking, feeling, asking questions, and living out the central tenets of this path, however falteringly it happens.

If you want the short version of how I came to care about this journey, go here. If you want the long version, you’ll have to be patient. It hasn’t been written yet. :-)

In the meantime, you’re welcome to walk along the path with me and share your thoughts along the way. Conversations make the journey much less lonely, don’t they?

In faith and peace,
Christianne Squires

Email: christianne at stillforming dot com
Twitter:  @christiannexoxo