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A Time of Rest to Mend the Soul

Hello, friends.

I promise that I haven’t forgotten you or abandoned this online space. Life has been happening, and so has growth, and there is quite a lot to share. But for now, I need to stay quiet in this space for the next little while.

Put most simply, I need to attend to the mending of my heart. It’s finally on the mend after a long season of darkness, and I am thankful to be glimpsing the light in my days once more. Right now, I’m realizing it is best to direct a majority of my energy to staying present to that light.

One way that I am going to be able to stay present to that light is through the relaunch of my original blog, Lilies Have Dreams. This was my first and long-time online haven where I reflected regularly on my daily life, faith, and growth, and I’ve decided it will be the perfect environment for staying present to where I am, especially in the dailiness of my days. It has always been a sacred and often playful home for my soul, and I know spending time there again will provide rich nurture for me.

I anticipate returning to a regular pace of posting here in the next couple months, and I look forward to when that time comes. After all, we still have much journeying to do here together! (Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed so you can be kept in the loop when regular posting begins again.)

But during this quiet time, as I encounter stories and links worth sharing, I’ll still pop in and share them with you.

For instance, here are two beautiful stories I discovered recently that encourage me to keep living from a place of love and understanding in this world, whether I’m encountering events that are world-changing in their magnitude or happen inside the course of a normal routine:

  • A look back at 9/11 from the perspective of a punk rock singer as he experienced the event in 2001.
  • One man’s loving — and ultimately impactful — response to a mugger at the end of his hour-long commute to the Bronx one night.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through this.

And know that in this in-between time, you are always welcome to join me over at the Lilies blog!

[Image credit: Sara Alfred.]


Repentance Thursday: September 2010

[Holy oil used in a “Service of Repentance” between Lutherans and Mennonites in July 2010. Photo by LWF Eleventh Assembly.]

Hello, friends.

As I mentioned in my post earlier today, today is Repentance Thursday. For those new to this blog, this is a day set apart on the first Thursday of every month where we examine our hearts and confess our own personal need for repentance and forgiveness.

It is an opportunity to remember that we are equal to every human being on earth in our mere humanity and that we, too, contribute to the pain the world endures.

So today, let’s reflect on the past month of our lives and then ask ourselves:

  • Into what dark mires did my heart traverse?
  • In what ways did I bring harm to my fellow man, either in thought, word, or deed?
  • How did I sin against God?

Upon reflection, you are welcome to leave a public confession in the comment section below. As always, please note:

  • You are welcome to leave your confession anonymously.
  • You are welcome to make up an e-mail address (since the comment section requires you to provide one).
  • You are welcome to be as general or specific as you want.
  • You are welcome to write your confession as prayer.
  • Any judging or disparaging comments on another’s confession will be removed.

Thank you for being here on this Repentance Thursday. May you find peace and a clear heart and mind as you participate in this reflective day with us.

Update on the Photobomb!

[The lovely, amazing, and inspiring Karen Walrond.]

Hello, friends.

Today is Repentance Thursday, and I’ll be updating the blog a bit later to provide space for us to express our solidarity with humanity in our ongoing need for confession and forgiveness … but first, I want to tell you that Karen Walrond shared an incredible update on the Photobomb project today.

Seriously, check it out!

Totally inspiring. I’m humbled to be a part of it.

Thank you, Karen, for leading us all toward a greater embodiment of truth, peace, and love.